30 years with Crippen – a showcase of cartoons through the decades


Dave Lupton, aka Crippen disabled cartoonist, has been in the vanguard of the disability arts movement, producing cartoons which engage with the politics of disability and exploring this through the lens of the Social Model Understanding of Disability. Here he showcases a small selection of cartoons from the many thousands he has created, in the run-up to a DAO project offering mentoring to up to 4 disabled cartoonists.

He writes: “This opportunity will allow me to share over 30 years of experience as a disabled cartoonist with other disabled artists. During this time, I have learned to focus my message within a cartoon, allowing my characters to engage in dialogue that not only explains the background to a specific issue, but also identifies the irony or double standard that can exist. It is this sort of experience that I wish to share in a mentoring capacity.

“Many of my cartoons are linked to recent political events that have had a direct impact upon disabled people, specifically the cuts to benefits and the use by the government of private organisations to carry out benefit assessments. Many of these assessments resulted in the deaths of many disabled people who were suddenly left with little or no money, and no hope for their future.”

Some of the other campaigns and issues that have received the Crippen treatment, and have had cartoon examples included in this showcase include the Not Dead Yet Campaign, Rights Not Charity, Disability Hate/Abuse Crime and the Right to Inclusive Education campaign.

Each of these cartoons also has a description for those people who use screen reading software …

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