Deborah Caulfield: A month of self portraits


Earlier this year, Deborah Caulfield set herself a challenge. She had an old sketch pad lying around. It had 39 pages. The task was to fill the sketchbook with a new self-portrait every day for 39 days.

The rules:

  1. The sketch/note book must be one that I already own – no new purchases.
  2. The sketchbook must be unused, ie all pages to be blank at the start.
  3. Sit in the same chair for every drawing.
  4. Draw every day until all pages are filled.
  5. Spend no more than one hour on each drawing

Take a look at some of the results for yourself:

But then Deborah decided to go a step further. She turned her portraits into a short film, with original music provided by her daughter.

Will you take up Deborah’s portrait challenge? Or devise your own? We will add the results to a showcase page if you do.

Please email submissions to: