Diana Terry’s haunting ink drawings


Landscape and architecture have been lifelong passions. Diana Terry lives in the Pennines and the landscape has had a strong influence on the artists’ work, which also includes subliminal references to architecture and personal memory. Her drawings are on paper in black ink and graphite.

The landscape motif is literally embedded into the surface skin of the work. The viewer is placed out on the edge of the land, amidst the full force of the elements: symbolic of an inner mental state. In all of the work: figurative, landscape and abstract, the mark making is always excitingly full of the energy of subject, discovery and the act of creation.

Primarily process-driven Terry’s work is more aesthetic and sensual than conceptual allowing interpretation by the viewer. She says:

“My hearing has been damaged since I was three years old and this experience informs much of my process both directly and on a visceral level. An image is built up and disrupted as layers are applied and removed.Texture and sense of touch is paramount in this process.”

Born in Manchester, living in Saddleworth, Diana Terry holds two masters degrees in Art and Architecture from the universities of Manchester and Liverpool. She has exhibited far and wide including the Saddleworth Open. the Liverpool Light Night, The Gallery Oldham, Liverpool and Chelsea Art Fairs, Electric Picture House, and more recently the Kola Gallery, New York State. Her studio is in a Victorian cotton mill in the Pennines. Her large drawings are also available as prints. Commission are undertaken. If you have an idea in mind please contact her through her website at www.diterry.com where you will find more information about her work.