Heart & Sold’s new film Artists In Lockdown


Artists in Lockdown, created by filmmaker Chris Kenward (whose brother David is featured in the film) and produced by Heart & Sold, explores the lives of fifteen visual artists with Down’s Syndrome from seven countries, examining how they have continued to make art during the pandemic crisis. The film sensitively delves into how these artists have needed to adapt their practice while at home and how this period of forced isolation has impacted their work and wellbeing.

Some of the artists featured in the film include:

  • Northern Ireland based visual artist Ryan Bogues who turned his photography skills to baking and created “Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Thank You Hampers” for his local NHS workers;
  • Somerset based photographer Oliver Hellowell used a reflection pool and makeshift studio in his garden at home in order to attract his favourite subject – birds;
  • Cornwall based visual artist Rory Davies who retreated into his art after feeling overwhelmed with worry about the coronavirus;
  • Brazilian photographer Mohamed Dalloul who had stopped practising in lockdown before his family encouraged him to photograph everyday objects and the view from his apartment to create a new series of work;
  • Texas based painter Charlie French who created a new collection of work entitled “No Virus Here” from his home studio.

Suzie Moffat, Founder of Heart & Sold, said:

Artists in Lockdown aims to document an important moment in history, offer a glimpse into their world and the impact of this forced period of isolation has had on our artists.  It is in times of crisis or stress we often turn to creativity to see us through and this film reflects that.  Art allows us to lose ourselves, express ourselves or simply distract ourselves from what’s going on in the world and we’ve seen our artists do this with breath taking intensity. In the words of our artist Andrew Weatherly – ‘be happy, stay positive and most importantly be inspired’.”

Heart & Sold was founded in 2012 and represents more than 20 artists with Down syndrome around the world.