Ivan Riches: Home2Home


Ivan Riches online installation Home2Home is a communication between a disabled artist, from the confines of their home to six other disabled artists in their homes. The following gallery is a compilation of the digital artworks that went into the immersive 360-degree online installation/artwork.

Home2Home is an immersive 360-degree online installation/artwork. It visually centres around the artist Ivan Riches experiences of living through lockdown. Its soundtrack consists of 6 disabled artist’s descriptions of their lockdown and how they strive to continue being creative. This included Jo-Anne Cox, Letty McHugh, Colin Hambrook, Benedict Phillips, Dolly Sen and Aidan Moesby.

You can interact with Home2Home below:

Home2Home viewing instructions:
Home2Home is an immersive 360 degree artwork which can be accessed and experienced on YouTube via a PC, tablet and handset or headset.

On your desktop or laptop:
Open link to YouTube. You should see a circular icon in the top left hand corner of the screen [some browsers may display this as a hand symbol]. Use the right > left < , or up and down indicators  within the icon to navigate the digital 360 degree artwork on YouTube. You can click or select and grab with your trackpad or mouse to enable you to navigate and scroll.

Tablets and handsets:
To view the artwork, make sure you are in your YouTube app (and not the Facebook player) on you device, otherwise you will only be viewing a screen version limited to a rectilinear strip.

Viewing Home2Home via your tablet/handset allows you to view the artwork within a 360 degree circle as if you are immersed in the artwork. Just move your device left and right or up and down.

Headsets can range in price and efficiency. If you already play virtual reality games, you are already set up but this can be an expensive option. There are much cheaper options of using a viewer into which you insert your handset including Google cardboard ranging from £5 upwards. For this option, all you need to do is move you head left to right and up or down.

As a culmination of the completed project all six artists along with Ivan Riches, held a panel discussion on Zoom. They discuss their feelings about the artwork, the crisis and what happened to them between when the project began in April 2020 through till the panel session held in August 2020. NB: The video begins 9 minutes into the broadcast.