Karen Baker


Steve’s Camper © Karen Baker

Ever since I can remember I have been at my most comfortable with pencil in hand and a crisp sheet of clean paper beside me. Art is something I have always been compelled to do and has always been a big part of my life. My motivation is primarily to record how I see life today and how it parallels with the past. My autism gives me a different perspective to offer the viewer and this is what inspires me.

I like to bring out the shapes and the art in ordinary life. I love nostalgia and how it connects to the viewer. My ideas tend to have elements of both nostalgia mixed with a modern twist, I like to show a bit of history. I am also very keen to work on textures as I think it gives a depth to my art. My themes were originally around London, the architecture and its transport systems, but more recently I have been taking on other subjects which to my surprise have been very enjoyable. Still life with a different slant is something I find fascinating. I like to draw and look at objects that we see day in day out with a perspective slightly out of the ordinary. Another theme I have just scratched the surface with is flora which I am hoping to develop much more in the future.

I like working in an illustrative style, using pen, oil and also watercolour. I am currently working on developing my brown ball point pen drawings further to explore their full potential. My drawing ‘Hands Cupped’ has been shortlisted for this year’s Visual Arts Open Prize.

I have had a number of exhibitions that have been held in my local area, two at Bourne Hall in Ewell and I have had two solo exhibitions at Honeywood Museum in Carshalton, these were exhibiting watercolour and gouache paintings. I would love to be able to show my work in a London space: a gallery such as Wimbledon Fine Art, or the Mall galleries. It would be nice to reach a wider audience.

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