Kirkwood Brothers


Exhibition shot of the Kirkwood Brothers

Through making art of all different shapes and sizes, mostly using pen or paint in some way, we like to think we’re tackling a lot of the stereotypes that surround some sensitive issues like Autism, Disability, Mental Health and Anxieties.

As brothers, we work in a collaborative manner, creating work through conversations and re-capturing popular culture from our childhoods. Working in the studio, we try to stay relaxed and let the work flow, which is harder some days than others.

Installation shot showing an arrow with drawings on it

Jordon, my older brother, has Aspergers and has given some unique insights into the world of Autism. It can be frustrating to see similar stereotypes of the developmental disability being constantly regurgitated, so we aimed to break some of those down through the use of humour, something that Hollywood would have you believe Autistic individuals lack.

Kirkwwod Brother's artwork Shot

I myself have struggled with my mental health in recent years and find that this use of humour allows me to look back and reflect and properly process events that might have caused a bit of distress at the time.

Installation shot showing two paintings

A lot of the subjects that we try to engage with are treated like a taboo in Glasgow. Disability, mental health, suicide, they’re all skirted around and brushed under the carpet. We try not to hide from it, instead offering up some colourful drawings, words or sculptures that are often funny but hold a more serious message.

Space Rocks scultpure by Kirkwood Brothers

‘Space Rocks’ by the Kirkwood Brothers

It’s not always easy looking back at the work we’ve made, often you can see some form of self hate or a lack of belonging clawing at the surface underneath the seemingly joyful subject matter. What makes it all worth while though is hearing and seeing people engage with the work. It brings a smile to most viewers’ faces and hopefully opens up some kind of dialogue or lingers with them for a little longer than usual. Mostly we just like talking about Godzilla, power rangers and the meaning of life.