New York artist, Gary H Kleiner


Gary Kleiner artwork 1I’m Gary Kleiner, an artist based in Suffern NY, near the home of artist Edward Hopper. I’ve rediscovered my artistic abilities while being hospitalised for several months for depression and anxiety. Whilst a resident at Frawley Hall, Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern NY, and Four Winds Hospital at Katonah, NY, I did arts and crafts. My mom – also an artist – brought me drawing supplies, and I was hooked.

My mental and physical health have clouded my view of the world. I have viewed the world as scary, and others as being different. With my view of the world being dark, I interpret it through colours and abstract shapes, seen in my distorted people and moving lines.

I use some symbols in my drawings such as the cross which represents faith, church (religion), penises and vaginas, representing sexuality. I include some small writing in some of my drawings, these are thoughts on my mind.

I have developed my own style of drawing to enable me to draw my problems and solutions. I’m looking forward to teach others to draw my way so that they can help themselves through their drawing. I feel this is good in addition to therapy.

I am an empath who can visualize and draw my thoughts and feelings. I see art as a major part of my life. Since I was little, I was always searching for the meaning to my life as well as where people go when they die.My mother, an artist who studied at The

Art Students League in New York, has been a large influence for me by showing me her view of the world through her art. She shared some of her world as an artist and Picasso, Munch, Basquiat, Dali, Haring and Sesow.

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