Playlist: Glasgow Disability Arts


I moved to Glasgow for art school in 2011 and immediately felt at home. This video playlist shines a spotlight on some of what I love most: a city that’s got its roots in artist-led spaces, collaboration, and a rough and ready DIY tradition. One thing I hope is clear from the videos I’ve chosen is that there are so many people thriving and practising in Glasgow who aren’t from here, which I think is a testament to this city; like me, so many artists flock to Glasgow and settle in for life.

Sandra Alland is a friend of DAO, having just finished her four-part series, “’Quality’ and the Marginalised Artist,” which examined the state of disabled and D/deaf arts criticism with input from various artists and experts. Sandra is a writer, filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist and curator.

Flannery O’Kafka is a recent graduate from Glasgow School of Art’s Fine Art Photography course. Her work looks at intimate, everyday moments within her family.

Project Ability is an integral part of Glasgow’s art scene. It has so many moving parts and relies heavily on people who are passionate about volunteering their time to lend their skill. Project Ability’s participants range in age from 5 to 86, and sold over 1,000 works of art last year. I chose a video that acts as an introduction to Project Ability for those unfamiliar and showcases a lot of the work made by the artists.

Lauren La Rose is currently studying on the MFA at Glasgow School of Art, and created this film, Papi and the Pretty Boys, about her father who reimagines himself as a gay James Bond:

While this short film, Old Pal, By Dorothy Allen Pickard featuring Caitlin McMullen has been featured on DAO before, I love Caitlin’s brutal honesty about having a disability. We’re exposed to a lot of inspiration porn about disabled people, and for me this one represents a much-needed breath of fresh air. Most recently Caitlin has been running workshops in London and Glasgow revolving around preferences for materials that prosthetics are made with.