Playlist: It’s Proper Mint Up North, Like


Curated by Lisette Auton

Visual art, poetry, spoken word, theatre, film, comedy, performance art: guess what? We’re making it up North. We’re making grassroots sock-it-to-you comedy in crypts in pubs under bridges. We’re taking over main stages with packed houses. We’re making films to make you laugh, cry and tell stories that need to be told. We’re making small scale, large scale, festival scale art. We’re hanging work in galleries and yarn bombing piers. We’re running gigs and words and music and events that are for the voices that matter. We’re taking to the stage for the first time, small open mic, and growing to National tours and sell-out stages. We are filling the pages of poetry collections with the beatings of our hearts. We are making a mark on our landscape; our rugged coast and our cities of heritage, steel and ships. We are here. We will not be silenced. Artists include: Kate Fox, Pauline Heath, Steve Urwin, Aidan Moesby, Bogsey, gobscure, Coll Metcalfe, Coll Metcalfe, Ken Brady, Vici WS & Black Robin, Kev Howard and SYMO.

*PLEASE NOTE* Unfortunately, not all films are officially subtitled, but all have the built-in YouTube closed captions.