Reflected Boundaries: Kris Saunders


As one of the first showcase pieces from our commissions dedicated to disabled artists in isolation, we present Kris Saunders dance for camera piece Reflected Boundaries… enjoy.

Normally my style of dance is lyrical and very regimented in its structure. Tightly choreographed, dictated to by the lyrics and music, and whilst telling a story, it’s usually about creating a performance for a stage and an audience.

Reflected Boundaries is very different to any of my previous works. It’s very relaxed in its formation, evolving naturally rather than being pushed in any particular direction and without any real expectation to be any one thing. Creating for video instead of live performance has also allowed me more freedom to create in ways that would ordinarily not be possible.

photo of male dancer posing

Still from Reflected Boundaries

The initial inspiration came from having to stay at home shielded. Sitting at the boundary of my property to the road, the crossing point between my world and the outside world. And I thought about the perceived boundaries for someone with a physical disability and those imposed through lockdown, and the conflicting freedoms created by reversing the assumed roles. The slight playfulness of the person normally presumed to be limited, trying to tempt and draw the other person out, showing them they can be free.

My exacerbated depression at the moment has influenced this piece greatly, not only from it’s impact on my mood and thoughts, but also in the way I have approached creating it. Caring less about the superficial things as a result has enabled me to be less contrived and more open in my approach. Being more laid back and organic in my approach has enabled me to bring something much more personal and vulnerable from within, rather than creating something perhaps more superficial and expected.

To find out more about the work of dancer, actor and presenter Kris Saunders click on this link to his website