Richard Hopley: Silent Sonnet

Photo of the poet, smiling

Richard Hopley: still from ‘Silent Sonnet’ by Shut Out The Light

Richard Hopley was born in Crosby, Merseyside, in 1973. He studied at Nottingham University, graduating in English and American Studies with a dissertation that took him to South Carolina to meet the Catawba, a Native American Indian Tribe whose life and customs he found greatly inspiring.

Always a lover of language and verse, both in poetry and classical drama, he was first inspired to write poetry in his teens. Through poetry and prose, he has not only found and developed his individual style of wordplay but a valuable means of expression, his ‘voice’.

He lives in the heart of Liverpool and continues to study poetry at Liverpool University. His first published poems appeared in The Piazza Poets: an Anthology, edited by Gladys Mary Coles who tutors the ‘Writing Poetry’ course.

Silent Sonnet was produced by Shut Out The Light and created out of lines from several different poems from Richard’s first poetry collection, River Book available at Waterstones in Liverpool ONE, priced at £5.00.

Everything you can imagine is real: Pablo Picasso

Silent Sonnet

Calming distant morning foghorn
As I begin to stir
Whatever my mood has to rave
Bad, good, happy or pure gloom
I escape by reading my unusual book
The mind never switches to mute
Contemplation is my source of gratification
Trying to mix fantasy with reality
With ideas, thoughts, desires and ambitions
I make people hear my sound
It swallows and erodes sad thoughts
Spraying positive ones to swirl my mind
Floating fresh ideas upon the waves
Will human beings crush this world?
Will this world collapse into itself?

Inside my ever locked up voice
My silence is far from silent
It is a passageway of noise
Dear my other self
Maybe you found success out there?
Perhaps you steered life’s wrong direction
Did you fulfil all your dreams?
I’m doing fine, old friend.

Richard Hopley