Sean Burn: Chilcot Remix (terra)


Brand new remix of an old text (with soundscapings) in response to the Chilcot report on Tony Blair’s war crimes. #seanburn, #spokenword, #chilcotreport, #tonyblairwarcrimes chilcot remix. 8’37”. 2016.

digital artowork by sean burn featuring the words 'dedicated suppliers of Labour old and new'i lost my way. twelve years underground, isolation, different names, a lost self. i had arrived at a deeply wrong way of responding to social problems. prison lies at the end of a road taken. like many prisoners, i knew i had to start over and figure out what I thought, who i was, reach back into myself for the positive and build on it. years pass. now more than twenty years in prison, i share with other women daily issues of parenting, education, and health. i have turned sixty. i think about how do we protect our planet. kathy boudin

august 22nd 2001 turns down parole on this woman after twenty year, no long enough for most americans. askin again two years post 9:11 thought america would be less likely to forgive : wz wrong. she’s now released tho free? kathy boudin, former member ov the weatherman aka weathermen aka weather underground, her words ‘responsible for no bein responsible’. weather went underground for an ‘inter-racial movement for the poor’ gave up bombin mostly after blowin theirselves up in blazes ov g(l)ory. her release would accordin to the uniform-uninformed ‘undermine respect for the law.’ how much justice & how much revenge? behind bars boudin earnin degree in education / developin parentin programmes / writin handbook for prisoners whose kids are in foster care / workin for those imprisoned while livin w/ aids / wins pen award for her poetry

responsible for no bein responsible applies no just to those outsides pissin in, but to us all. what wouldnt blair learn behind bars the hague? this his oneday maybe vague?   well-known hardman tells tall / sups the last word slaves / whites waterin b(r)ought in saltvinegar petals / honeywired to concrete / the easy livin into remote scripts / scar-stripped, iron-gripped,   what makes me sick? / wakin up to all the silence yu are? / to all the silences yu are. terroristas & s(t)ate needin the other, need(l)in perpetuates warped core & peripheries, s(t)ate to justify repression internally, internationally. binary necessaries as left-right, black&white, capita/communist, christsmohammed, sane/in; male/fem(&?) we all require translators, no? 19th century decapitate head ov sate & then the slide, oh the slide. now beheads for another to grow – this is s(t)ate, apparatus

keepin world free for daisycutter & superstallion & supercobra. (anaesthetists ov risk love smellin euphemisms first thing mornins). an eye for an eye & ma teeth for yr truth. carpetbombins handbaggins glad-raggins. precision bombin w/ intelligence, oh sandpit me sandpit me. the slash & burn we’ve always been, always seen. steroid-armins cracks particular nuts. tight-sphincter clip-moustache upper-lippin uncivil servants conscientious w/ ruler as they pencil borders – we taught the great game & how – now game meat / cheap oil / reliable fascism (that actually smiles!). & roadmap is the new strategy & blueprint the new roadmap & blueprintin drives us all over edges. funded em long enough, given top-tips, surprise-surprise turnin frankenstein (& yes frankensteins the doc).   blairs weapons bigger than yrs; blairs wheels ov in/justice better oiled; oh & kindly ignore blairs homoeroticisms. no clint & sylvester stallone f(r)ictions. just grateful-cheap our servicemen, for servicin our men, free meat, smilin, dead &eat&eat&eat. no-one deservin ‘bloody noses’ tho s(t)ates still need many lessons. ‘dont be mean’ a different k (kathy bornstein’s) sayin

hands up whose people die & no even to the widest-screens. whats correct exchange rate – ‘natives’ to westerners. should be hampered by justice instead ov bogeymen comfort. mad(wo)men. those beyond. the flashermac-paedo lurkin school gates. how much harder recognisin ourselves in violences ov the fall. that kindly grandfather babysittin again, where does (all) his property from? perma-tan blair right-lizardin up sun &sons(daughters). & that old joke: how d’ya know which weapons saddam hussein had? um, we kept the receipts? foreign policy as keystone cops primin re-fuses. laugh this awesome widescream disney-rambo, the big picture where we xtra large popcorn, ultramac our fizzola &

kathy boudin resurfaces drivin getaway ov stolen cash for black liberation army. guard shot before rendezvous w/ her vehicle. two police shot at scene. boudins unarmed, already surrendered, didnt pull triggers. did leave her one year old son behind & wrote on oppression.   convicted ov second degree murder, boudin wz guilty ov somethin for sure. if war is peace by other means then blairs disneywood trumps all.   hampered by respect, liberty, equality – for long-term peace we’ve to accept our (historic) responsibilities, all ov us, one & all

responsible for no bein responsible      

            blair   blunkett   straw

responsible for no bein responsible

blair eagle

responsible for no bein responsible           


responsible for no bein responsible