Teresa Jane – Mesmeric Mosaics and Electric Embroidery


Teresa Jane is a deaf, self-taught artist from Reading. She specialises in beaded sand mosaics, beaded embroidery and fused glass. Her work is typified by electrifying colours, scintillating patterns and uncanny celebrity likenesses. Her work includes portrait mosaics, ‘wrapum’ bracelets, and both beaded and glass jewellery designs.

Teresa says:

“The reason I taught myself is that it is difficult in a class environment being deaf. I couldn’t keep up at school, so decided that I would teach myself all my techniques. Art is my fix, I do my artwork everyday to help with the everyday struggles in life. It’s a great way to wind down and relax. Glass making is my new artform, I love making the glass in my microwave Kilns. There’s nothing like making something very unique for people to wear or have in their homes.”

For more information visit Teresa Jane’s website, Etsy Shop and Folksy Shop.

You can also follow Teresa on social media:
Twitter: @Artbyteresajane