Weekly Words of Wisdom is a Covid Commission 2021, by Tony Allen supported by ActionSpace. The artists’ colourful artworks are jovial and full of character, much like Tony himself. His written observations take a humorous look at the world, suggesting alternative interpretations to familiar experiences.

Tony uses bold, colourful, patterned letters, in a variety of mediums to form iconic text works. Tony’s distinctive style suggests statements for contemplation, reflection and laughter.

The words "you aint old..." spelt out with a colourful script
You Aint Old …. screenshot by Tony Allen

Tony is a prolific artist and his main desire, he says, is for people to see his artwork and be provoked to: ”just think about it”. His thoughts are of the every day, yet they feel like universal truths and a philosophy for life. Tony’s ‘Weekly Words of Wisdom’ are just that.

With this digital artwork, Tony has collaborated with an animator to activate his distinctive, striking words of wisdom. He means what he says, he wants to be heard and wants you to take those words to heart because: “It’s true, ain’t it”.

Audio-described version of Tony Allen’s Weekly Words of Wisdom

You can see more about Tony’s work by visiting his page on the ActionSpace website

Instagram: @actionspace
Twitter: @THEActionSpace
Facebook: @actionspacelondon

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Richard Downes
2 years ago

really enjoyed watching this