Vilma Jackson: Triple Oppression


Triple Oppression is a new film piece created by award-winning Deaf performance artist Vilma Jackson. A Deaf woman’s struggle to fit in socially, racially and professionally. How does she try to overcome all these barriers in order to get to her dream destination?

My name is Vilma Jackson, I am a Deaf performing artist that has worked in the industry for 11 years. I have reached a level of experience working on many different productions in different sectors (Films, Theatre, TV presenting, Music videos and others).

I have registered my own company Vilma Jackson Productions Ltd so all future works will come under this umbrella. As I have experience working on projects with high productions values, I wish to carry this on with my own work. I want to become synonymous with original ideas, being well produced and importantly, candour.

Triple Oppression is my eagerly anticipated debut piece as a writer and producer. It was funded by the Art’s Council England. My personal performance charts the issues faced on my journey and how certain barriers were challenged. It is a story of defiance, independence and positivity for those who have been oppressed or discriminated against.

I also regularly translate songs into British Sign Language on my platform. It has been my aim to make music more accessible and enjoyable for the Deaf community and demonstrate the potential of musical expression using British Sign Language. Signed songs are not a performance to be solely enjoyed by a Deaf audience, but an alternative interpretation of that artists material, that can be enjoyed by all.

Download a transcript of Triple Oppression here.