Wonderland is a project by self-taught artists Sarah Watson and Will Hanekom on a theme which has captured their imagination. New and diverse works in a variety of media – film, painting, illustration, drawing and photography – reflect their interpretation of and artistic responses to the theme.

As Will says, “everyone has their own Wonderland. I have explored what this word means to me with character driven illustrations and scenery. My Wonderland art very much stems from my dreams; they express the surreal, the wonderful and the nightmares.”

Will Hanekom:

Sarah sees Wonderland as “topsy turvey, a place of dreams. My Wonderland is full of colour, a window to other worlds. I relate to the character Alice; she is in all of us, our dreams, imagination and craziness.”

Sarah Watson:


Will Hanekom’s skill is in marrying illustration and film. He wrote and directed ‘A Glimpse in the Dark’, a Random Acts commission for Channel 4. He is a member of the Oska Bright Film Festival and Curing Perfect teams at Carousel. Will begins a BA in Illustration at the University of Brighton this year.

Sarah Watson is a self-taught artist working in film, painting, drawing and photography. She is Chair of Carousel, a member of Oska Bright Film Festival and Curing Perfect teams (at Carousel), and a founding member of the national programme, Creative Minds.