words are weapons & we’re at war


presentation at celf for muriau – mental health & arts festival wales, gobscure 2017

given words before mam died, she told stories which we still carry, helpin us find … born with language, languages, language-sings but mostly these are taken – education, society, media, law, politics, family, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, class, home-tongue, religion more – for many us lifelong strugglin to reclaim voices we’ve had removed. too many silenced too long. (again left speechless – post-brexit, post-trump, pre-marine (le pens divisive, front national toxic so lets drop all that yeah?) am settin out words on theresa-maybe wangin on how stigmas the issue with mental health. (nothin new – various political masters have previous). mind also say stigma is where we should focus attention. english mind or welsh mind? the same money mind – encouragin us to talk about our journey, stigma, recovery – neat, no too cyclical, certainly no political – personal aye but those nice meds & shrinks help while shrink from discussin benefits, housin, violences…

meanwhile mind take large chunks govern-mentals money (actually tiny amounts but hey) to uncritically promote smoke & mirrors, that conjurors trick which says all is stigma – when stigma is no more than another outcome ov the war waged so successfully against many ov us
enemies ov the people
low-achievin scroungin shirkers
black lives dont matter chalked-up post-trump
stats out autumn 2016 sayin quarter ov folks in wales now live in poverty
disabled or no, geographic-origins, gender / ethnicity / sexuality regardless thats no stigma but a direct attack on rights, equality, humanity & yeah it all impacts on our minds, our health
one that service-axin, self-servin bankrupt neil hamilton (among many others) continues promotin

andrew vachss says (accessed 12/1/17) “anybody who has served in combat in any way understands that words are weapons. & i’m in a war. the war hasn’t stopped”
war on us disabled by the con party condemned by the u.n. human rights committee
war in no-care homes
war against future generations ov downs-syndrome kids
war against children for ‘oppositional defiance disorder’ – used to be called askin questions war against shilan özçelik, first convicted terrorist in britain for tryin to fight against daesh as teen
war against domestic violence shelters in names ov austerity – the transfer ov money from poor to rich
war from those atos’ers
the new battle-front ov brexit – harder, faster, phwoar!
race-hate since brexit – cameron, goldsmith, patel, johnson, hoey – all charged
the war ov ad, brand, drone
cctv, rfid, the comin govcoin – oooh frictionless, aaah enablin, oh transparent (transparency just means we see yr parliamentary turds down our communal sewers) failed war against some drugs – yu know, those untaxed ones
war ov bi&trans&hompohobias
wars ov dsm 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … to be continued
war ov border & wall because ‘they are comin over here’, ‘they arent children’
war against planet herself
none ov thats stigma – but intolerance & inequality, denyin our voice, stealin our dreams benefits cap are no stigma

cuttin domestic violence services is no stigma but violence
the bedroom tax is dehumanisin
abolition ov the independent livin fund is discriminatory
people dont use foodbanks because ov stigma (tho it is stigmatisin to use them) stigma is an end-point in the war conducted against us
when services are withdrawn because ov ongoin con-party-tricks
we are told yu self-stigmatise
onetime homeless a hostel offered support-worker no somewhere to live
support-worker later sayin what dya need books for, yr homeless?
moved to second-stage accomodation couldnt move our few books due to broken arms, support-worker refusin to help, obviously we werent takin personal responsibility – self- stigmatisin yeah?
how narratives move on – we’re now post-austerity – everyones had their 10%+ cut in wages restored & backdated, benefits & services completely reinstated & a personal apology yeah?
narratives move on – were post-racial (unfortunately no post-racist) & post-gay (no queer please, thats just …)
remember andrew vachss “words are weapons. & i’m in a war. the war hasn’t stopped.”