Yvonne J. Foster: Inside

Portrait of the artist as a shadow

Yvonne J. Foster. Untitled

‘Inside’ by Yvonne J Foster is an artist’s exploration of living with depression. Created using altered photographs, and scribbled images the book provides a direct and unapologetic visual account of life with severe depression documenting Yvonne’s experiences, thoughts and emotions following a breakdown.

A Brighton-based artist and designer living with mental health issues, Yvonne creates images that reflect what is happening to her:

“At any time it can take me to dark and extremely frightening places where I experience thoughts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words.”

Following a breakdown in 2011 and the resulting admissions to psychiatric hospital, Yvonne discovered that expressing herself through art and then helping others within the Arts for Health sector has been an essential aid to her recovery.

Today, Yvonne works with local organisations to deliver Arts and Health programmes and support marginalised artists. These include Creative Future, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, United Response, Outside In and other organisations.

First published in 2013 by Creative Future as limited edition, Inside is available to purchase on Amazon as an ebook.

Please click on this link to visit Yvonne J. Foster’s website. Below is a small selection of artwork from the book.