Guest Editorships

Dolly Sen poses as Nelson with floppy ears and with paws forward

Disability Arts Online’s Guest Editorships are a key element of its talent development programme. Guest Editors are commissioned twice a year to take over all of the editorial output on Disability Arts Online’s magazine (not including artist blogs), for a month-long period. guest Editors receive a fee, commissioning budget and support and mentoring from the Editorial team at Disability Arts Online.

The aim of the Guest Editorships is to develop new editorial voices in the sector and bring fresh perspectives, new audiences and different approaches to Disability Arts Online. It is intended to challenge the organisation, challenge Disability Arts Online’s audiences and become a platform for experimentation, diversity and intersectionality. The Guest Editorship programme is an established twice-annual feature and the next advertisement for candidates will appear in Summer 2020.

“Working as guest editor for Disability Arts Online was a career highlight for me – I had always wanted the opportunity to edit professionally and the supportive, nurturing environment of DAO was the perfect way for me to experience this role. Having the autonomy to commission writers, to draw out important current themes and to influence the shape of the website was exciting, intellectually nourishing and has given me both inspiration and real-world experience for future aspirations of editing an arts publication.”
– Kate Lovell

“Being guest editor of Disability Arts Online is like kidnapping a bunch of amazing artists on a psychedelic bus and letting beautiful art and writing be its destination. It helped me understand editing, disability arts, and collaboration at a much deeper level, and encouraged me to develop my voice and confidence.”
– Dolly Sen

“I’ve never had this level of role or responsibility. People asking me for support meant I realised I had the skills to be able to provide it. [I’ve gained] friends, confidence, pride, new perspectives, allies, belief in myself, connections with people to learn from. It feels like a beginning. And something incredible to put on my CV.”
– Lisette Auton

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