Viewfinder is a brand-new video platform which makes challenging, daring and different work by socially engaged artists readily available, accessible and easy to find. Do you ever feel with sites like YouTube, Vimeo and TED Talks that the seemingly endless choice on offer is bewildering? Recommendations provided by algorithms often lead you down the same old paths. Through carefully considered curation by artists, journalists and creatives, Viewfinder aims to broaden your horizons without making you feel lost.

Viewfinder commissions conversation starters, recorded performances and original video-based artwork which touch on themes of race, class, disability, sexuality, gender and the points at which identities intersect. The platform provokes meaningful debate on the subjects that matter and affect us all. If we are to find new answers, we must begin by asking new questions.

We define socially engaged art as:

‘Work of any artform that addresses identity, involves communities, challenges preconceptions and effects change’

The site is under constant development, aiming to eventually host live streaming of innovative arts and culture events, bringing you closer to the work and offering behind-the-scenes insight.

Viewfinder is an initiative led by Disability Arts Online and supported via funding from Arts Council England and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, to fuel the development and distribution of socially engaged arts practice.

If you are an artist wanting to show your work, or know of other video-based artwork that would be suitable for Viewfinder please contact us here:

For updates about Viewfinder follow @disabilityarts on Twitter or sign up to the Viewfinder page on Facebook.

A note on access

Accessibility is very important to us. We will always strive to provide the best accessibility options that we can within our budgetary and technical constraints. As a minimum, all Viewfinder-commissioned videos will have captions; a selection will have some form of audio description and/or have British Sign Language interpretation. We do not own the rights to most of the videos on Viewfinder, for these videos we will try to provide transcripts. As Viewfinder develops, we hope to push forward access, by integrating it in creative ways into the work we commission and by partnering with other content creators to improve the access they offer in their work.